BY LARRY AND ANDY WACHOWSKI

     The scene is Gotham City, in the past. A party is going on and 
     from it descends Thomas Wayne with his wife Martha, and son Bruce. 
     They are talking, with Bruce chatting away about how he wants to 
     see The Mark of Zorro again. Obviously they have just come from a 
     movie premiere. As they turn a corner to their car, they are met 
     by a hooded gunman who tries holding them up. There is a struggle 
     and the Wayne parents are murdered in a bloodbath. Bruce is left 
     there, when he is met by a police officer. There is a screech and 
     a bat flies overhead... 
     Twenty years have passed. Bruce is now twenty-eight and quite 
     dynamic. The main character has been travelling the world, 
     training for a war on crime, to avenge his parents' deaths. He is 
     at the Ludlow International Airport, where his butler Alfred picks 
     him up. The two drive to Wayne Manor, just outside of Gotham. 
     Bruce watches the city from the distance. The scene moves to 
     downtown Gotham, where Bruce is wearing a hockey mask and black 
     clothes. A fight breaks out between him and a pimp which leads to 
     Bruce escaping to a rotting building. Bleeding badly, he doesn't 
     know whether to continue his crusade against crime. A screech 
     fills the area and a bat dives at him, knocking him onto an old 
     chair. Bruce realises his destiny...
     The opening credits feature Bruce at Wayne Manor, slamming down a 
     hammer on scrap metal, moulding it into shape. By the end, we see 
     a cowl of metal, with bat ears...
     Two months have passed. Captain James Gordon leads a squad into a 
     building, stopping a maniac that has kidnapped three girls. The 
     captain does good and arrests the madman. At Gotham Police HQ, his 
     superior, Gillian Loeb, doesn't seem pleased. The Roman, a man 
     known as Carmine Falcone, tells of how Gordon has cracked down on 
     many of his smuggling rings. Loeb calls someone, saying, "I have a 
     job for you..."
     Gordon walks through Halliday Plaza, when he is stopped by a 
     police officer that Gordon recognises, known as Flass. The two 
     fight, but Flass has himself beaten to a pulp by a cloaked 
     mystery, who disappears as quickly as he appeared.
     A woman, Selina Kyle, breaks into an old factory where cats are 
     being manipulated for genetic study. She frees the abused animals 
     and gets into a fight with the scientists there. Before they can 
     hurt her, a gas spreads that knocks them out. As Selina covers her 
     mouth, she sees a cloak flap through a broken window. For a 
     reason, she begins to grin...
     Gordon is giving a speech about the hunt for the mysterious 
     Batman, to a group of police officers. One of them, Sarah Essen, 
     asks what he looks like. Gordon replies, "Big, black, bat. Easy 
     enough?" As they leave, Loeb pulls Gordon over and warns him that 
     if he doesn't start "caring a little less about work", then hell 
     will come to him. Gordon tells Loeb that he is a police officer 
     and he knows his job very well, despite most people in Gotham.
     A dinner party. The rich, greedy socialites discuss how Batman is 
     keeping the honest cops busy. Glass smashes and the room fills 
     with smoke. Batman appears and tells them that their days are 
     numbered, and not one of them is safe. Falcone's men start firing 
     and Batman gets away, with only a few scratches.
     Bruce rests at Wayne Manor, recovering from the bruises and 
     scratches. Alfred informs him that this is madness. Bruce decides 
     to see his parents' graves, where he tells them that if he fails, 
     he can't wait to be with them.
     Gordon, sent by an angered Loeb, asks Assistant DA Harvey Dent 
     whether he is Batman. Harvey tells him that it is ridiculous and 
     that Harvey isn't free enough to do the job. Gordon leaves and 
     Batman appears from the shadows. 
     Gordon and Essen are driving their car, when they almost hit a 
     woman. Batman saves her and the two corner him in a construction 
     site. Police swarm the area and Loeb orders a bomb to be dropped 
     on the building. This happens, then the SWAT Team files in.
     Branden, the leader, heads through and they search for Batman. A 
     chase scene begins and bullets fly through the air. He escapes, 
     and eventually causes a swarm of bats to attack all the citizens 
     outside of the building.
     Selina Kyle, having been a witness at the construction site 
     battle, designs a suit for use of stealing. She heads out, ready 
     for adventure and some fun.
     Loeb's residence. Catwoman, aka Selina, breaks into the building 
     and begins stealing valuable jewels and statues. Batman arrives 
     and the two fight. Gordon enters as well, having tracked Batman. A 
     three-way battle begins, which leads to Batman saving Catwoman's 
     hide. The two share a kiss on top of a gargoyle, before she 
     evacuates the site. Gordon finds the Dark Knight once again, and 
     informs him that he knows that Batman isn't trying to bad things. 
     Batman ignores and leaves, but a piece of his suit with the logo 
     of Wayne Enterprises is left behind. Gordon has his next 
     Bruce Wayne is training when Alfred arrives to inform him that 
     Captain Gordon is there. Bruce pretends to be drunk as he enters, 
     with Sarah. Gordon and Sarah are disgusted by his manner, and 
     leave. Bruce is impressed by his acting and relaxes.
     Two weeks later. Bruce is in an old cavern, where he is slowly 
     designing a cave. 
     Batman is at the Roman's penthouse, watching him. Catwoman breaks 
     into Falcone's penthouse. Falcone and his men start a chase, 
     moving through the building. Batman helps to take them out, and 
     Catwoman uses her claws to scar the Roman. 
     Loeb is in a meeting with Falcone and they discuss how Gordon 
     seems to be cleaning up Gotham too much. Loeb asks about Falcone's 
     scarred cheek and he replies, "My cat got angry." Falcone has a 
     plan to get rid of both of Gordon and Batman...
     While Gordon is walking with his wife and daughter, Barbara, they 
     are suddenly surrounded by Falcone and his men. Bullets begin 
     flying and Barbara is kidnapped. Gordon takes a motorbike and 
     chases their car through the streets. Batman shows up and promises 
     Mrs Gordon to rescue her daughter.
     Falcone's men crash at one of the bridges and a fight ensues. 
     Batman comes and stops them. Falcone gets away but finds himself 
     cornered by Catwoman. The two battle and finally Catwoman knocks 
     him out, before leaving. Batman and Gordon find Falcone, whom 
     Gordon arrests. Sirens can be heard and Gordon says Batman can go. 
     He's done enough for the city.
     It's the end of the year, and bullets are flooding through Gotham 
     reservoir, chasing after a madman using a speedboat. Gordon orders 
     his officers to stop him before he poisons the reservoir. The 
     character turns and all that is seen is a large, evil grin. There 
     is a flap and Gordon grins as Batman dives over his head...
                                    THE END?